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InläggPostat: 11.08 2019-09-10 

Blev medlem: 11.05 2019-08-29
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Hello, everyone.
I want to introduce myself. I'm an engineer from ALLPCB. And ALLPCB is ultrafast pcb manufacturer in China.

Now i want to introduce a sponsorship program. (I hope admin don't regard it an advertisement.)

We have a mission to encourage student engineers and professions around the world to innovate. We would be more than happy to support your non-profit classroom engineering projects or competitive edge with our Educational & Engineering PCB Sponsorship Program. We believe that ALLPCB is a flexible & reliable partner for your PCB needs or any engineering project.

You can visit our website to learn more details. (In order to not break the rule, i don't place our website link.)

Wish you a nice day.

InläggPostat: 11.24 2019-09-10 

Blev medlem: 06.56 2009-03-28
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Ort: Göteborg
Have you considered doing something about the Swedish VAT handling fee of 75:- SEK/$7.70? It gets tacked on to almost all orders from countries outside of the EU sent by standard mail (non-expedited).

The retail company Wish has made a deal with Swedish postal company Postnord automating their fee processing and lowering the cost drastically.


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Svara på tråd  [ 2 inlägg ] 

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